Jam The Hype

In 2016, Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) took on a media outlet called Jam the Hype, that tasks itself with directly connecting to its target audience 24 hours a day through music, articles, events, and radio broadcasts. This platform opens the opportunity for UYWI to continue to shape urban culture toward biblical values, by giving us a larger reach. Our hope is that JTH will widen UYWI’s overall engagement with urban culture while excavating more urban youth workers so that we can resource and develop their leadership to better reach other youths. 

In the past, JTH existed solely to give people in the Christian hip hop community a platform to share their music and art with a larger, niche audience of lovers of urban media. However, as JTH grew, we noticed that this approach did not provide our artist with a far deeper calling and motivation—leadership.

With this realization, JTH is now being re-created with a new vision as its foundation—a vision where art and leadership come together in order to forge a bridge between JTH and Urban Youth Workers Institute. JTH will align with UYWI’s leadership process—CONNECT, LEARN, GROW, LEAD & LAUNCH.

Jam The Hype now exists to develop urban leaders within the artist community, so that together, we can effectively influence urban youth culture to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to take our under-developed artists and creators and provide them the tools. information, and motivation to become Godly urban leaders first and artists second. We want to walk the journey with these artists much like and Artist & Repertoire would do with new artists at record labels. 

This transformation will be led by a new video podcast series created by our new JTH Senior Content Editor, George Moss.

We believe that George is perfect for this role based on his heart for discipleship and decades of leadership in radio, music, and recording. His experience touring as an artist, entrepreneur, and influencer in the urban Christian music industry contributes to our assurance that George will be an impactful addition to JTH.

As people of color, we see the world differently, we love cities, the fashion, the food, the music. We are not observers of urban culture, we are creators and participators. We pay attention to the artists who are leading this culture.

This podcast will give urban creators the opportunity to model what the lifestyle and mindset of a Godly urban leader looks like. We want to create within young urban artists, a thirst to be equipped. As we platform artists on our show, the hope is that people will say, “I want to be like them.” and then go on to ask, “How do I be like them?” This is where our discipleship opportunity begins.  As we walk with them, we’ll provide them with the challenge to be known as a disciple of God whether they’re on the stage or in the streets of their community.

The topics discussed in the show will include fashion, music, art, and politics with artists who have experienced the shared sufferings of the urban community.